Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Going Out to Eat

This year, my husband decided to punt planning Valentine's Day and our Anniversary to me. Unfortunately, he didn't tell me that this was his plan until mid January. That didn't give me much time make plans for either event. I quickly made reservations at a couple of nice restaurants for both Valentine's Day and our Anniversary. A few weeks later though, I got to thinking about how going out to dinner is no longer only saved for special occasions. When I was a kid, going out to dinner used to be an event that we saved only for "special events". These days, our generation has gotten used to going out to dinner when we don't think we have the time it takes to prepare a home-cooked meal after a long work day. It seems as if I had just fallen victim to just making dinner reservations without even thinking twice about the reason we were going out to dinner. 

So for Valentine's Day I called my husband and said "can we cancel our reservations and just stay in"? Lucky for me, he was on the same wavelength and we ended up having a stay-in date with a bottle of wine, some heart shaped pizza and some delicious cupcakes from Pure DeLite Bakery. I highly recommend this bakery as they have cut out the extra fat and calories but still managed to keep all the flavor. 

After ordering pizza for Valentine's Day I knew that I needed to put even more thought into our anniversary dinner. After a few days of very intense brainstorming, I came across Chef Sevilla's website. I contacted Chef Sevilla and we quickly came up with a menu for my anniversary dinner. Chef Sevilla went grocery shopping and came to our house and prepared a four course dinner with fresh ingredients that was out of this world tasty. She cooked everything and even cleaned up! Sometimes you want the benefit of a meal prepared by someone else but without the added hassle of making reservations, getting dressed up, driving out to a restaurant, waiting for your table, having to take the chance that you may not get good service or atmosphere. And for those times you will want to call Chef Sevilla and have her take care of all the variables that come with going out to dinner and be treated to a fantastic dinner in the comfort of your own home. 

Meal and Menu by Chef Sevilla of Sevilla's Savory Solutions

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